Stuck in the middle of a boring conversation? Want to fake a call to escape the situation? Here’s Twilio to rescue!

You can do this in just 10 steps!

  1. First things first, you need to signup for Twilio.
  2. Make sure you verify your phone number. With the free tier, you can message or call only your verified phone number. For other phone numbers, you need to upgrade your account.
  3. Then you need to get your free Twilio phone number.
  4. After getting your Twilio phone number, your console will look similar to this:
Twilio Dashboard

Before moving to the next steps, here’s how…

This is a tutorial to help you host your python flask application onto the EC2 instance. I will be explaining how to create an EC2 instance and also a sample flask program!

Before jumping into the procedure let me give a brief introduction about Flask and EC2.

Python Flask :

Python Flask is a micro web framework which is used for rapid web development. Flask is very simple and easy to implement. Flask can be easily imported into python project and their documentation is really helpful to get started.

Amazon’s EC2 :

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) (technically it should…

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Grad Student at USC | Tech Fanatic | Data Science Enthusiast

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